We know what you’re thinking — A two-person escape room? Is that even possible? Would it be just as fun? Or would it be frustratingly difficult to escape?

Confusion and a myriad of questions might invade your mind when imagining only two people trying to beat an escape room. Escape rooms are famous for their appeal to groups of 3-8 players with the belief that it would somehow be easier to “win”. On the other hand, some people just crave the chaos that inevitably occurs among larger groups. And for them, that’s the most fun part of the experience. 

So the question stands, what do you stand to gain from joining a two-person escape room?

The Pros of Joining an Escape Room with Only Two People

An escape room is typically a shared experience which means that it was never meant to cater to single/soloist players. Based on this logic, escape rooms should be able to accommodate at least two people at a time, right? Not only is this true, but two-person escape rooms have actually become increasingly popular for multiple reasons:

More Focused Experience

A top-rated escape room such as Maze Rooms Los Angeles always puts a premium on the level of immersion that players get to experience. This includes a compelling backstory, interesting characters, and realistic set designs. However, you can further heighten the immersion when joining only as two players which allow a more focused experience.

Unlike in larger groups, chances are not too many people will be rushing you, you definitely won’t be set aside and out of place, nor will anyone be too competitive or controlling. It’s only going to be you and your partner collecting clues, cracking riddles, solving puzzles, and having a good time!

More Streamlined Communication

The more is not always the merrier when it comes to communication in an escape room. Ever heard of the expression: “too many cooks in the kitchen”?

While joining as a larger group can definitely be fun, many will find it difficult to maintain effective communication amidst all the commotion with seven other people shouting out clues and ideas at you.

In some ways, two players are able to communicate and coordinate better than larger groups. It’s true that there may be fewer ideas on the table, but it will be much easier to arrive at a cohesive strategy and much quicker to move on to the next set of puzzles when there are only two of you.

More Intimate Activity

Escape rooms can be as intimate as it is infinitely intriguing and entertaining! If you are looking to skip the usual dinner dates and Netflix nights, escape rooms are a great way for couples to get to know each other better. In fact, escape room places like Maze Rooms actually allow participants to stage uniquely romantic and unexpected proposals during the quest!

However, two-person escape rooms aren’t exclusive for couples as even pairs of siblings or best friends can reap its many benefits. This is especially true for more competitive pairs who are looking for a tougher challenge and a more rewarding victory at the end.

Escape Room Places That Offer Two-Player Quests

You’ll be glad to hear that almost ALL Maze Rooms quests can be completed by just two individuals! This includes quests like Cyberpunk Samurai, Spy Dogs, Tombstone, They’re Coming, World of Illusions, and many more! But we have one escape room quest that is specifically made for two players.

Enter The Abyss:

Embark on a daring escape 200 leagues under the sea! You and your companion must escape aboard a submarine before arriving at a massive underwater prison complex!

The Abyss Escape Room is a cinematic escape room game designed uniquely for two players of any level of experience. Bring a partner to this one-of-a-kind escape room experience, located at 132 S Vermont ave Unit 204, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA

So, if you’re looking for escape rooms near you for 2, The Abyss is definitely a must-try at Maze Rooms!