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What is MAZE QUIZ?

Maze Quiz is an online game of wisdom and logic. Using video chat, a game host will ask questions and communicate with the teams. Teams send in their answers by filling out the online forms. Once you sign up, we’ll send you and your team the game link and instructions before the start of each game.

Teams have the option to play through Skype, Zoom or Messenger. More than 100 teams from different cities and counties will be able to participate in one game!

1.5 Hour Long

The game is 1,5 hours long and features various questions on a number of different topics.

$35 Per Team

The game participation fee is $35 per team. The team can include an unlimited number of people.

Anyone can play

Maze Quiz doesn’t require any special knowledge and has no age restrictions, anyone can participate!

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Warm up
Six questions with 4 answer options
Themed round
Six questions with no answer options
Six questions where you have to match the answer options or put them in the right order
Every answer starts with the last letter of the previous one
Six questions about movies, songs and books
Three hard questions with an option to bet for a correct answer

Examples of Questions

What was New York city originally called?

  1. New Liverpool
  2. New Limerick
  3. New Amsterdam
  4. New Harlem

Answer: New Amsterdam

Who was this doodle dedicated to?

Answer: Thomas Edison

When was this picture taken?

Answer: 1941. Ruth Lee, a hostess at a Chinese restaurant, flies a Chinese flag so she isn’t mistaken for Japanese when she sunbathes on her days off in Miami, in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 15, 1941. This flag is now the flag of Taiwan.


Will the questions be very difficult to answer?
Our game is designed to be a good challenge for the average person, but not impossible! You won’t need a PhD to be successful in our game. Most teams will be new to such games which could add to the difficulty level. Questions can be answered easily using skills of logic and quick wit. And playing with a team of friends makes for not only an easier chance at success, but for a more fun experience as well!
What technical support do I need in order to play a game?
Good internet connection. A computer, tablet or smart phone to fill in questionnaire form and to communicate with your team.

If all team members are in one place, you may need 1-2 gadgets for the whole team (streaming + fill in questionnaire and submit the form)

If you are playing remotely with your team (through Zoom or Skype) each participant may need 2 gadgets (streaming + communication with your team)

We will email the link for streaming and for the online question form before the game to your email once you are signed up.

How can I communicate with my team if we are all playing remotely?
There are different options to choose:
– Mobile conference call
– Zoom, Skype
– Text messaging
– Any other online communication app you may prefer.
How many participants can play in one team?
Teams can contain up to 10 people, but you can always play by yourself if you’re up for a challenge!
Can I use google during the game?
Like most Quiz games, the use of any external information sources or online search engines are not allowed. Just the use of your own knowledge and logic skills. Of course, we won’t be able to verify each team follows this rule, but we hope each time will follow these rules to make the game fun and fair for everyone! Besides, where’s the fun in just having the answers given to you!
How do I pay for the game?
You can register online and pay by credit card.
When and how will I get the link to participate?
You will receive a link through whatever email you use during registration. If you didn’t receive it, please email us ( or use our support window on our webpage.
What if I have any questions before, during or after the game?
You can email our support ( or use the support window on the webpage.