Welcome to the Maze Room’s Jungle Game Experience pure breathtaking and mind challenging fun as you head into the jungle in search of a treasure. Fully immersed in a survival situation, you’re left to work together with your team to find ways of accomplishing your mission and escaping the uncertainties and predators of the jungle. Two things are involved; either you finish the game, or you get lost in the jungle. So which will it be? I guess you like winning! Read more
This Jungle escape room game provides an avenue for friends, families, and colleagues to form a team and go on adventurous trips together. It enables you and other players to reach down into your critical side and unravel the survival instincts in you. It helps you improve your critical group process skills like decision making, team planning, problem-solving, team management, conflict resolution among others. It will enable you to build a first hand and unshakable cohesive team that can take on life challenges. You have 60 minutes to achieve your goal, and escape the jungle room of The Maze’s Escape Room game. Forget the everyday technology-driven day and embark on an adventurous journey that will serve as a retreat and leave you energized and at your best. Our staff is always on ground to help out when you are stuck, and you can quit the game at any time you wish. But c’mon, who wouldn’t want to finish the game. As a leading escape room in Los Angeles, The Maze Room provides real puzzle games in LA and takes place from where you can access major hotels and guesthouses. To enable you to prepare adequately and have a worthwhile escape room experience, you are advised to arrive at least 20 minutes before the game starts. Don’t miss out on experiencing fun at our unique indoor entertainment facility in Los Angeles.
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Liz G.

Ahh JUNGLE, well this was my 11th room to date and wow. This might as well have been jumanji because I sure felt like I was playing the game! It was indeed a linear room and was actually pretty great with puzzles and the decor matched…

Stephany M.

I loved this experience! I took my nieces and we experienced the Jungle Room. I loved the fact that they had to use logic, math, reasoning, teamwork, and problem solving skills. Plus it was really nice to see their faces not glued to their…

Roman G.

Doing jungle room was so fun and challenging. The clues were interactive and the decorations were great. This room is my favorite so far! It’s hard to beat, so beware! I highly recommend this to anyone!