The Darkness is comingā€¦

TheĀ Lord Of the Swords Escape RoomĀ is located in Tarzana that has medium level of difficulty and is a really good choice for the first timers because this escape room can help you to understand how concept of escape room works. Even though this room designed to be medium level difficulty, a lot of experienced players can find this escape room challenging. The Lord of the Sword escape room will transform you into a Mazebits, who need to find a great sword and destroy the darkness that covers the whole world.

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Imagine that you are a small Mazebit living peacefully in your lodge, growing carrots in your garden and sitting on the bench every evening and watching sunset. And one day your old friend, great wizard, came to your house with some bad news. He informed you that world could be gone soon due to the incoming curse of darkness and that he needs your help. You was surprised with this request because you are not a warrior and was never imagined yourself like one of them. But for some reason, you accepted this opportunity to save the world.

Next morning you decided to start your way, with hopes of finding a Great Sword. You also called your best friends, to join you, and received additional people that agreed to help you in search of this important weapon. The wizard told you that this relic is stored somewhere in an old small house of another wizard. This house was not as a regular place, it was full of puzzles and secrets, so finding the Great Sword was not that easy as it seemed for the first time. Luckily, you are really good at this kind of things, but you donā€™t have a lot of time left before world will gone. Your wizard friend, told you that there is only one hour before something bad will happen to the place that you are trying to find the sword in. Find the sword and escape, before time is run out!

TheĀ Lord Of the Swords escape roomĀ is highly technoleged inside, which will help you to feel a real magic inside of theĀ escape roomĀ in your way of finding the great sword.

19347 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356, USA
(310) 595-2881 ext 5


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Irene G.

So fun! We did Lord of the Sword. Was thinking about it for days after too. I set this up as a team building activity and everyone had a great time. We laughed about getting a bunch of “A” types in a room…

Marla L.

Holy cow! My sister-in-law and I took our 4 kids, between the ages of 11 and 14, to attempt the Lord of the Swords escape room. We were SO IMPRESSED with the intricate puzzles and elaborate sets…

Brent H.

Did the Lord of the Sword room, very fun. The theming and the mechanics are great. Highly recommended