About Pharaoh's Tomb

Welcome to Maze Room’s Pharaoh’s Tomb Game

This is a puzzle game that will leave you searching. Imagine finding yourself among a group of archeologists who have always dreamed of finding the lost tomb of Amenhotep the Fifth. This tomb is believed to contain a lot of mysteries, treasures, and riches. Before you and your friends think of embarking on your quest for the vault, know that thousands before you have also tried their luck and failed.

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Only a few of them have ever returned home alive. You have to keep yourself alive throughout the game because a lot of spells and enchantments have been placed around the tomb to prevent you from finding it. Some of the spells can also trap you in the tomb if you ever make it there.

In this quest which has become a preference among game lovers, you have to find the tomb and its treasures within 60 minutes. The game will test your ability to make use of clues, to find out things that have been hidden out of plain sight. The Maze Room designed the Pharaoh’s Tomb escape room to be played and enjoyed among friends and family. There is room for 2 to 8 players playing the game at once and having fun together while at it. The escape game is one sure way to provide stress relief from the week’s activities. The Pharaoh’s Tomb quest can be enjoyed by many notwithstanding their age or experience level.

Don’t worry about getting stuck in the tomb. You only have to believe you will make it alive and you most certainly will. The game will test your ability to participate effectively in teamwork and synergize with other to find your way out. Our staff at The Maze Room is always at hand to help you out if the need ever arises. Also, you are always free to quit the game at any point.

The Maze Room LA provides real escape games in Los Angeles, and it is situated in a place where you can have easy access to major hotels and guestrooms. To enable you to prepare adequately and have a wonderful experience, it is advisable for you to arrive about 20 minutes before the game begins.

Don’t miss out on experiencing fun at Maze Rooms indoor entertainment facility in Los Angeles.

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Joe Z.

We did pharaoh’s tomb and it was excellent. The props and set was immersive. It was a very creative room with challenging and unique puzzles. We had 5 people which felt like the right number of people where everyone was actively working together…

Jeff P.

Our group of eight–4 adults and 4 kids–faced off against the Pharaoh’s Tomb. The puzzles were varied, but more lateral thinking than complex, since this room was styled to be done serially. Nice set pieces, moody lighting, and good for both more and less puzzle-y people…

Andrew S.

Got to experience the egyptian room. A fantastic trip where you feel like Indian Jones unearthing the secrets of a tomb.
The tactile experience of touching so many of the props and features of the room added a lot of depth to the room…