About The Abyss

A daring escape beneath the sea awaits you and a partner in The Abyss Escape Room in Koreatown, LA, a cinematic escape room game designed uniquely for two players of any level of experience. Teamwork is key in this medium-difficulty puzzle game room, as players must work together to overcome the deceptively simple challenges found on board a submarine bound for an underwater prison complex. But be careful! Just when things seem to start going your way, you might find yourself contending with an especially unwelcome visitor!

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Your time on the run has come to an end. You and your partner have been convicted of high crimes against the state, and as punishment you will be locked away for life! You are slated to serve out your sentence in Coldwater Prison, a notoriously sinister prison complex from which nobody has ever escaped. For good reason, too โ€“ Coldwater Prison lies at the very bottom of the ocean!

Your journey to Coldwater runs through a small submarine attached to a giant chain that runs from the surface of the water to Coldwater Prison. Once inside, it will only be 60 minutes before you find yourself locked away at the bottom of the ocean. And even if you can both find a way to break out of your constraints, the deepest parts of the ocean are home to all sorts of unknown creatures. If only that hacker friend you did that favor for hadnโ€™t gone silent the minute you found yourself behind bars.

What will happen at the end of your adventure? Will you earn your freedom, or will remain trapped in The Abyss Escape Room?

Located in the heart of KoreatownMaze Rooms on S. Vermont offers some of the most exciting puzzle games room experiences in Los Angeles. Weโ€™re on the forefront of the latest generation of escape rooms โ€“ each of our 60-minute adventures interweave technology and practical design elements into both Mazeroom puzzles and storytelling to create unbelievable experiences for any occasion. Whether youโ€™re looking for a birthday party, a team-building, or just something for fun with friends or family, Mazerooms escape games have something for everyone!

132 S Vermont ave Unit 204, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA
(310) 595-2881 ext 3


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Ryan G.

My girlfriend and I came in for the Abyss maze room and had a blast! John and the rest of the staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the whole experience. This was our first time doing one of the Maze Room escapes and we were most definitely pleased…

Barbara A.

Abyss is so much fun! It’s very tech related and the puzzles aren’t like the other puzzles in other rooms. You have to really think what you would have to do in that situation. Also, the simulations are really cool…

Janell W.

Wow! Pretty much deserved every bit of their hype. We did Magic Kingdom and the Lunar Mission, and these were my 87th and 88th escape rooms respectively. I was afraid I was starting to get over escape rooms since I had not been impressed in awhile…