About Tombstone

The year is 1881 and you find yourself in the Wild, Wild West. The lawmen around these parts aren’t too fond of you and your gang known as “The Cowboys”. Yesterday, Wyatt Earp, his two brothers, and Doc Holliday gunned down two of your cohorts in front of the O.K. Corral in the streets of Tombstone, Arizona. Another was captured and is set to hang at sunrise. Get to town and break your friend out of jail, before it’s too late…

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So saddle up and giddyup for this wild, wild group escape room perfect for 2-8 players, ages 8 and up!

Maze Rooms offers the top-rated escape rooms in LA. We cater to a wide range of audiences and group sizes including a unique two-person escape room and a 10-person escape room. We also accommodate special events and can help organize a birthday escape room for celebrants of all ages.

11901 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 211, West Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 595-2881 ext 702


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Rikki L.

This was super fun. Our host was very cool. He explained the rules and guidelines in the most pleasant and funny way. The set up of the puzzle was really creative.

Janet L.

Went here for an outing with my coworkers and we all had a blast! Our host was Alex and he was absolutely amazing!

Katy B.

We are a duo who have done 20+ Escape Rooms and several other Maze Room locations. This is are favorite Maze Room location by far…