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Welcome to the Maze Room’s World of Illusions Game

You find yourself trapped and existing in an alternate universe full of illusions and strangeness. Nothing you see is real, no matter how real they appear. You need to stay careful, so you don’t get deceived and entrapped further in this world of illusions. The situation can get a bit frustrating, and you have to be sharp and on a constant lookout if you hope to escape before 60 minutes run out.

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Your only form of escape is your smartness and ability to understand and adapt quickly to the situations you find yourself. You will have to make acquaintances with Great Wizards who will teach you how to cast spells and find your way out of this Topsy turvy world of magic and mystery. You will have to do this quick or get lost and become a wanderer in this world of illusions.

The World of Illusions escape game has risen in the ranks among escape game on Highland in LA and worldwide for the past couple of years. The game caters for your instincts as a human being not minding your age or experience level. The game is developed with a mind to foster relationships and teamwork among colleagues, families and small groups of friends. Playing this escape game helps you know your partner better and understand how their minds work as individuals, especially in the face of slight confusion. The game also presents an opportunity for one to ease off the stress accumulated from the week’s work and reconnect to the subconscious level of critical thinking.

Don’t worry about the tricks you will encounter. You only have to tell yourself you are good enough to overpower them. Additionally, you will have to make wizard friends real fast if you are to make any headway. Never to worry, our staff will be around to assist if you ever get stuck and you can quit the game anytime you feel like it.

The World of Illusions escape game has the full embodiment of what an exciting game should look like. As one of the exciting escape rooms in LA, The Maze Roomprovides real puzzle games on Highland in LA, and it is situated in a place where you can have easy access to major hotels and guestrooms. To enable you to prepare adequately and have a wonderful experience, it is advisable for you to arrive about 20 minutes before the game begins.

Don’t miss out on experiencing fun at our indoor entertainment facility in Los Angeles.

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Raine J.

World of Illusions is a fantastic circus magician themed room. Its beautifully designed and has a lot of clever puzzles that really stood out and being unique, while also all keeping in the theme of being magic and magic tricks…

Aaron M.

The world of illusions escape room was awesome! We jumped into a world of carnivals and magicians. This very interactive escape room had more to solve than just locks and combos. Natasha was a great guide and it was awesome to solve this tricky “hard level” room!…

Douglas E.

Went through “World of Illusions” over the weekend and what can I say about this room but WOW! We arrived early and were greeted by the GM who was helpful and friendly. She gave us our walkie-talkie and showed us to the room…